Havana, Cuba.

April 2014

Feeling all sentimental and junk. Will hopefully go back next year.

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Santuario Nacional de la Virgen del Cobre. Santiago de Cuba.

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La habana desde un balcon, Cuba 2014

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Colors of Cuba

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The Other Day.. I missed Cuba

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The Other Day.. I couldnt help myself the light is just so lovely in Cuba

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Cuba 2014 - Gaviota Rach

At first I was really nervous, Cuba being a communist country but it was really amazing and such an eye opener!

People say that the beaches are spectacular and they most definitely are… However there is so much more to Cuba than that!
The amazing depth of their history, preservation of architecture and art, how their economy works and the people and their everyday lives.
It was like traveling back in time!

It is true about the food at the resorts but if you take the time to explore and venture off, real cuban food is awesome!
We got to see the beaches in Varadero, the city of Havanna (old and new) and the mountains and caves of the Matanzas province!

Would definitely go back to explore more of this amazing country… but for now, its back to wedding planning and getting ready for our Costa Rican adventure :)

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Baracoa, Cuba. Febrero 2014

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Un poco de Cuba papi.

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El faro que vigiló mis sueños en La Habana
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El impresionante Malecón habanero!
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Y lo mejor llegaba al terminar el día! Dosis diarias de atardeceres bellísimos! Que me regreso a vivir ahora!
#Habana #Havana #cuba #sunset #atardecer #SuchIsLifeInTheTropics #gorgeous #beautiful

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